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A Passion For Music Production

Texas Roadrunner Inc is the home of singer/songwriter, children's author, and music producer Jack "Jackson" Greer, also known as Jack Houston from his old children's television show IMAGINELAND. Jack's favorite songwriting genres are Country, Americana and Christmas. Some of his major musical influences include Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Neil Diamond,  John Denver & James Taylor.


A Love For Songwriting

No matter one's past experience, there's always more to learn in life, particularly in the fast-moving field of songwriting. Jackson is committed to constantly improving his songwriting craft and is a member of the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI). He is also affiliated with BMI.

Our New Christmas CD Is Here!

In November/December of 2019 Jackson will be performing again as "TEXAS JACK" at the biggest Christmas attraction in Texas, SANTA'S WONDERLAND, just south of College Station, TX. Jack's new Christmas album, entitled MERRY TEXAS CHRISTMAS Y'ALL and recorded at Beaird Music Group, Inc. Studios with some of the hottest pickers in Nashville, TN, will be available in all the gift shops at the theme park. This Christmas album is definitely all about a TEXAS and 10 of the 12 songs were written by Jack. 

The other two songs on the album are fiddle tunes written and arranged by Jack's long-time fiddler and friend Robert Herridge, and they were performed by Robert and his son Jonathan. Robert fiddled around many years for Mickey Gilley and Johnny Lee and he's even in the blockbuster 1970s movie "Urban Cowboy".

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The Nashville Recording Studio Experience

The Nashville Christmas Sessions were recorded at Beaird Music Group Studios.  The tracking band is pictured in the video frame below. They are from left to right... Mike Rinne (bass), Troy Lancaster (lead guitar), Joe Spivey (fiddle), Jim DeBlanc (engineer & Harley Man), Jackson, Justin Schipper (steel guitar), Steve Nathan (piano/keys), Greg Morrow (drums), and Larry Beaird (acoustic guitar & session leader). Start the video below to hear Jackson's tune "Country Christmas" and see us at work.

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